Who IS our minister?

Tim Neal currently serves as the Sr. Minister for the Palo Alto Church of Christ in Panama City, FL.  Brother Neal has been passionately involved in congregational ministry within the churches of Christ since 2006, having faithfully served consecutively in Tennessee, Mississippi, Michigan and Florida as Youth Minister, Associate Minister, Pulpit Minister, Minister of Education & Spiritual Formation, and Family Minister.  He and his wife, Melissa, met at York College in 1997; they have been blessed with five children and a home full of joy in the Lord.  Tim holds degrees from Freed-Hardeman University and has thoroughly enjoyed all of the opportunities to see God at work, to spread His Word, to strengthen families, and to point people to Jesus.

Who Are We?

Palo Alto Church of Christ exists to minister to the spiritual needs of the congregation and the community.  We are primary interested in the souls of people of all ages with emphasis on forgiveness of sins, service to God, moral responsibilities and eternal salvation.


  • Doc Dutton
  • Ken Wilcox
  • Joe Keller
  • Rex Harrison
  • Mike Nigro

Tip for living

Be as patient, compassionate and merciful with others as you want God to be with you.

Kenny Payne

Our previous senior minister decided to return to the mission field in Ukraine, where he served for several years prior to serving fulltime at Palo Alto. He can be contacted through his Facebook page: www.facebook.com/crosscultureinc/

or through his blog: www.crossculturegorlovka.blogspot.com