What a wonderful day it is! Isn’t God good? I just want to touch base with you and let you know about a few things:
1)      If you have needs, please let us know. We are a family and we have a great opportunity to help each other.
2)     Our ministries and bills are continuing. If you would like to mail your contribution to the church, that would be great. You can also Text – GIVE to (850) 851-0559.
3)     There will be 4 ways you can participate in the worship service on Sunday since the building will be closed. 1) Perhaps the coolest new way is through: https://paloalto.online.church/  Please sign in up to 15 minutes before 10 on Sunday morning and we can do church together. There is an area to chat…….so we can encourage each other. There is also a button where you can request prayers from one of the hosts. It’s a great new platform for us to worship at the same time. 2) It will be posted on the public Facebook page. 3) There will be a link to it on the members only Facebook page. 4) It will be emailed to everyone that is on our email list. 
4)     It would also be good if you picked up some crackers and juice if you would like to participate in communion. Not because we have to……but because we are celebrating as a family what Jesus has done for us. (Please don’t feel like you need to leave your house to pick up these items. You can still celebrate Jesus in your heart!)
What a blessing it will be to worship together….even though we are each in our own homes on Sunday.
God bless you,


The Palo Alto Church of Christ exists to grow people into the image of Christ, reaching up to God, in to one another, and out to our community.  We are committed to make a kingdom difference in people's lives.


3119 Highway 231

Panama City, Florida 32405

(850) 763-1481


      Sunday Worship - 10:00 AM

Wednesday Bible Classes - 6:00 PM